Over the course of my professional career I’ve written all sorts of marketing materials. Now, I’m channeling my love for writing into books and blogs that inform and entertain. Check out my latest works below.

Arizona Bucket List Adventure Guide & Journal

Arizona Bucket List Adventure Guide & Journal takes you on a quest to discover 50 must-see natural wonders in the Grand Canyon State. For each of the 50 places there’s a page that tells you the best time to go, how to get there and how to get permits or passes, if needed. On the opposite page, you check it off your bucket list and journal about your experience. Read more>>

Published October 2019

ROMANCING THE BLATT is a collection of real, heartwarming and humorous stories that any fan of Rosenblatt Stadium or college baseball will enjoy. There’s plenty of historical accounts and moments of baseball glory, too. My story is that of a kid who grew up in the shadows of the towering stadium lights of Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium, left the neighborhood as an adult and was drawn back again and again. My love affair with Rosenblatt culminated with an incredible, behind-the-scenes journey few have experienced. Read more>>

Published June 2020

Blogs & Social Media

Having adopted social media early on, I launched these successful endeavors, among others:

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