Only the Brave: Harrowing tribute to 19 Granite Mountain hotshot firemen

Only the Brave is a Hollywood movie that tells the harrowing story and pays tribute to the 19 Granite Mountain hotshot firemen who lost their lives protecting the town of Yarnell, AZ from an out of control wildfire in 2013.

Last weekend, I hiked to the site where the men died. What a solemn experience. I posted some pics and a write-up of the experience on my AZ Wonders blog. Have a look…

Tokens of tribute left by visitors to the Granite Mountain fatality site

It takes a special person to fight fires; especially wildfires in remote mountainous areas. On June 30, 2013, Arizona lost 19 very special men in the Granite Mountain Fire near Yarnell. The tragedy gained nationwide attention and became the plot for the 2017 Hollywood movie: Only the Brave. In an effort to help others honor […]

via Granite Mountain Hotshots memorial — AZ Wonders

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