I have witnessed the Phoenix lights

In the 10 o’clock hour of Monday, April 14, 2014 while the eyes of many were focused on the eastern skies for the lunar eclipse of the blood moon, something unusual and unexpected was happening in the sky west of our home.

It had been a long day for me, so I turned in early and was sound asleep by 10 p.m. Around 10:30, my wife came to the bedroom and woke me up in somewhat of a panic. She had trouble coming up with the words, but she was adamant that something strange was happening in the sky.

Eager to continue my slumber, I murmured a quick explanation of the eclipse and tried to return to sleep.

“This is not an eclipse,” she said. “There are some strange lights shining in the sky behind our house.”

She first saw the lights from our kitchen window downstairs. The angle was just right for her to see the glowing lights between the trees and rooftops situated between our home and the open desert an eighth of a mile to the rear.

After waking up and taking a quick look, I knew she was right. The heavy shade screens on our bedroom windows distorted the view somewhat, so I trotted out to the patio for a clearer view. There they were just like so many other had described before.

My wife and I are faithful Christians and generally categorize UFO sightings and the like as fiction. About a month earlier, I had heard a blurb in the news about the anniversary of the Phoenix Lights – a phenomenon of unexplainable lights that thousands of Phoenix residents reported seeing about the same time of night back in 1997.

After the lights “turned off” we returned to bed and broke out the iPad to do some research. The most recent post of any sort relating to the lights was from March 20, 2014. A gal reported seeing exactly what we saw as she returned to Phoenix from San Diego on I-8. Her view was from the south and the lights were over the same vicinity: the Estrella Mountain – Gila River Indian Community area.

Here is an excerpt from her blog post:

We noticed that 4 more of these orbs appeared in a line. They were bright orange orbs floating in same spot radiating intense light. For the next 2-5 minutes these orbs continued to appear and disappear across different positions in the sky. Out of nowhere once again, it was as if someone flicked a light switch when they just disappeared.

We never saw the orbs move to a position other than a vertical line. However, her light switch analogy perfectly describes how the light left the sky.

I was struck by the fact that the orbs could hold their straight-line position considering that on the night we witnessed them, the wind was blowing hard enough that the palm trees were swaying around pretty good. Another memory that stayed with me was that there was absolutely now sound, as we experience when planes or helicopters fly overhead.

The following day I did a little more research. Two things convinced me that there is more to these lights than meets the eye:

  1. In the Phoenix Lights documentary on YouTube, dozens of people who previously didn’t believe in UFOs detail accounts very similar to what my wife and I experienced. The documentary clearly rules out that what we saw as being any part of military operations.
  2. There are several articles that point out the native people who inhabited this area before us have reported similar sightings for hundreds of years. Some historians believe that even the notorious petroglyphs etched in rocks around South Mountain Park in Phoenix tell of visits from celestial beings.

This experience has completely opened my mind. I don’t believe we have been invaded by aliens and I don’t think that what we saw is cause for alarm. But, I will forever be on the lookout for objects in the sky that take me back to that night in April 2014. I still cling to my faith that there is only one God and that Jesus is the key to my eternal salvation. However, I am now convinced that some of us on earth have and will experience things that are not of this world and not explainable by man.

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